4 Things you Can Do To Keep Your Creativity During The Lockdown

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Analysis: some recommendations on the way to keep yourself and if you’ve got kids moving while maintaining a social distance during the coronavirus lockdown

City Lockdown Activities

If like me, you’re the parent of an eight-year-old, you’re now within the midst of unchartered territory. You’re trying to stay your day job going as best you’ll and keep everything on target from that perspective, while also trying to make sure that your child stays safe and well.

Yesterday was Day 1 and that I can already sense the unspent energy build up in my daughter sort of a timebomb. This is often the energy that’s usually expelled through school break times, interactions together with her friends, and after school and evening sport or other activities. I do know I want to return up with a realistic plan for Days 2 – 17! So here are four exercises that you can do with or without a companion:

1. Marie Kondo’s Cleaning Method

Clutter can trigger the discharge of the strain hormone cortisol, which may increase tension and anxiety and cause unhealthy habits, so why not reduce confusion and anxiety in one swoop? Marie Kondo’s principles — which she calls the KonMari Method — don’t adhere to a “less is more” philosophy but instead encourage the keeping of things, as long as they spark joy. She says, “In my home, I’m surrounded by my favourite things, including 15 pairs of chopstick rests.” study the KonMari Method in four (seemingly) simple steps here.

2. Build Strength and Balance (Yoga pose)

Does it desire your world’s been turned upside down? Attempt to embrace it and abandoning through yoga practice. To be truly free, we must be willing to accept changes of all types and face our fears head-on (no pun intended). When attempting a headstand pose (and all inversions), we’ve to abandon the bottom beneath our feet and open up to an entirely new perspective. We’ll be turning our world the wrong way up in efforts to line yours straight.

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3. Growing Groceries

Are the photos of empty store shelves flooding supplying you with anxiety? How could they not be? The great news is that nearly anyone can become good eats, whether you’ve got a little balcony or rolling acres. And by planting produce, you economize, conserve energy resources, reconnect with the world and help teach the younger generation where food comes from. Here are some tips to think about before sowing the first seed or digging the central hole.

4. The Healing Effects of Forest Bathing

Despite the recent lockdown order, going outside for a few fresh breaths of air remains permitted, making it an ideal time to offer forest bathing a try. Forest bathing, or nature therapy as it’s sometimes called, describes a broad group of activities that improve your mental or physical health, specifically within nature or outdoor setting. What’s even better is that a growing body of research links forest bathing with therapeutic benefits like stress relief and prevention of stress-related illness. So stop refreshing your feed and breathe.

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